[White Paper] When admins go bad: Preparing for the insider threat

It seems that almost every day we read about another cyber-attack on a world-renowned organization. Indeed, the frequency and sophistication of data breaches of all types are on the rise. From financial and healthcare records to intellectual property and other classified information, data breaches show no sign of subsiding. This constant increase in volume and the severity of cyber-attacks can be attributed to several different factors, both external and internal. Today, no organization is immune. Basically, any organization that stores sensitive information about their customers and employees, intellectual property or any other information considered valuable will be, at some point, a target of a cyber-attack. Insider threat has always been present in every organization. In the last couple of years, the changing trends in the workplace have resulted in insider threat becoming a number one challenge for C-suite executives.

[Brochure Copy] The Future Approach for Solving Today´s IAM Challenges

During their lifetime, businesses, as  everything else, change; they experience infrastructure changes, reorganization, upgrades, downgrades, new operating systems and implementation of new devices. All of these changes reflect onto IAM systems and lead to a continuous and never-ending effort of implementation and maintenance. While IAM as a technology may not  be difficult to install, the elements  and configuration processes vary by each implementation, business to business, and vendor to vendor. You would think that the key challenge when it comes to IAM is installation and configuration of the software itself.

[Case Study] AppLift Opens New Revenue Stream Thanks to Partnership with GeoEdge

Since incorporating GeoEdge as their ad security and  verication platform, AppLift has been able to resolve all three challenges. Firstly, AppLift has been able to open an entirely new revenue stream and increase monetization by 40%. Secondly, AppLift is able to work with even more third parties. Now, AppLift serves ads with ease and condence knowing that GeoEdge will alert them to any possible problems. Thirdly, by using GeoEdge, AppLift has automated the ad tag scanning and reporting process so that their teams have more ecient use of their and resources – enabling AppLift to monetize even more. In addition, AppLift makes sure that before they work with  any new provider, they scan the ad tags through the GeoEdge  solution. This way, AppLift ensures that every provider meets their strict compliance standards.

[White Paper] Insider Threat Intelligence for Financial Services Industry

Financial institutions are the backbone of today´s highly globalized economic environment. With the  world´s 50 largest banks having a combined market capitalization of more than US$ 4,240 billion, it  is not unusual that financial services are becoming a prime target for cyber-attacks.Financial services worldwide have to “juggle” between constantly evolving cyber threats and sometimes  contradictory compliance obligations. Additionally, employees with legitimate access, service providers, and various contractors make a serious attack vector if and when their security credentials become compromised. As a result, cyber-attacks have become even more frequent and their potential impact has made insider threats a number one challenge that financial executives need to deal at all levels of their organization.